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    In 2014, akari Shimazu, a 22-year-old senior at Waseda University, took part in Tokyo Call Out hip-hop festival. She met talented William Stanley, a top student majored in history in Oxford University, and fell in love. Both of them love hip hop music and like to wear street hippie style. They found that the design and styles of existing hip hop jewelry brands can no longer meet their daily fashion needs. In order to stand out in various parties and bars, Shimazu and William hope to have a fashion jewelry brand that truly highlights the individuality of young people and designs a spirit that express their desire of advocating freedom, maintaining true self, and striving for ideals. KRKC came into being.


    William Stanley, with his rich knowledge of history, gave each piece of jewelry a strong meaning at the beginning of the design. Akari Shimazu, coming from Waseda University and majored in mass communication, knew what kind of fashion the young people need today. She strives to make each piece of jewelry fully demonstrate the youthfulness, individuality, fashion, and outstanding personality.


    Thomas ZIEGLER, Chief Designer of the Brand

    Thomas ZIEGLER, known as the son of fashion, has created a visual feast for every piece of jewelry he designs. KRKC's accessories add magic and sparkles to daily outfit.  After received a professional designer diploma at IFM, Thomas worked as a consultant in several Parisian high-end garment studios and founded a retro jewelry style brand named Reine Rosalie in 2012. In 2015, Thomas joined KRKC as chief designer. His rich design experience, eclectic style and inspiration gave the brand an unprecedented fashion whirlwind. KRKC.CO has therefore become a must-buy jewelry brand for those who like hip hop, street, hippie style.


    Brand Concept

    The brand logo was designed by famous Italian designer Patricia Mangone. The logo contains four letters: K, R, K and C, representing Keep Real, Keep Champion. The overall logo is like a squatting soldier holding a shield, symbolizing the spirit of advocating freedom, maintaining true self, and striving for the ideal.


    The brand's design inspiration comes from a variety of sources. It combines fashion elements with celebrities, religions, and animation cultures into a superb jewelry craft. Each piece of jewelry is an artwork, which is the designer's understanding and re-creation of life.


    Happiness from Creativity

    All along, KRKC's highly skilled team of designers uses the most fashionable elements in New York, Tokyo, Dubai and other countries. They used advanced 3D software to design hundreds of outstanding works to ensure the fidelity of the products and restore the original beauty of the material. Using exquisite jewellery craftsmanship, each step of the product's choice of materials, modeling, cutting, polishing, inlaying, etc. is carefully handcrafted to ensure that every piece of jewelry shine and sparkle on their owners.


    Awards and International Influence

    So far, KRKC has cooperated closely with the world's major HIP-HOP celebrities, well-known players and fashion superstars to create the hippest hip hop jewelry brand with the latest fashion trends among young people.


    In the Beyond Fashion Exhibition, KRKC Jewelry was ranked first in the most popular emerging brand. In 2017, KRKC sponsored Tokyo's first HIP-HOP party hip-hop revelry feast, which was favored by young people around the world. Our roaring male lions sold more than 9,000 pieces in Tokyo for three days online, and they are constantly out of stock. In the second half of 2018, KRKC will enter the Japanese market with the strong demands of consumers, and it is bound to hang a hip-hop fashion whirlwind in Japan.



    Welfare and Charity

    Shimazu and William have always attached great importance to African public welfare undertakings and have volunteered to teach in Africa for several times. Since 2015, KRKC has invested 1% of its profits in education in Africa. The brand new series "Amazing Africa" released in 2018 will put all the profits for wildlife protection in the Kenyan, Africa.



    In April 2018, the name KRKC was officially changed to KRKC.CO. CO can be seen as company, party and accompany. Every day in the future, KRKC will accompany all the friends who love the brand, make them unique every day, and express their true self-confidence, so that everyone can be the focus at any party! As the brand's influence in the world continues to expand, KRKC.CO will become the leading brand of hip-hop jewelry. Let us keep real, keep champion together with KRKC.CO.